Have you seen featherbeard? 

Where did he go?  Months have passed and no sign has materialized.  Have rent prices driven him out of the public spotlight to a more affordable dimension?  Say the 3rd or even the 2nd?  Somewhere like Arkansas?  or Montana?

Last two places he was seen, he was playing a Dave Matthew's cover song, lying down in a compost pile rich with manure and making a snow--excuse me, a poo--angel!  "Satellite in my eyes like a diamond in the skies, how I wonder..." And I wonder, has the quest for fame and fortune lead him to desperation?  Could he have mistaken the richness of the manure for a pile of gold?  Could he be atop a landfill, rolling around laughing maniacally, "Mine!  All mine!" picking up the degraded materials and tossing them into the air, watching their arc like the arc of the golden sun above us filling his head with illusions of grandeur, this gold fever that brought Icarus and Phaethon falling back to the earth, little failed rockets?  We can only conjecture here since this search could lead us over land and sea, but also could lead us through the many layered worlds of the spirits.

But as we begin this case we have a couple of tracks to investigate.  First, a video has come out from Sammy Loren, multi-lingual guitar player and bamboozler extraordinaire, which looks like it may be a spec commercial for Home Depot.  Maybe they had caught the advertising bug and figured that if they can't beat them, they might as well join them.  This would further support the theory that featherbeard has become lost in his quest for wealth and fame...

And the second clue we have is that his song "waieghtienge foure the whiete Maan" was used on some fancy schmancy fashion website called stlye.com for a couple of real wierdos who like to prance around their house in fancy schmancy clothes pretending they too are members of the leisure and wealth class!

Whatever has happened, I am sure we will soon know as this traveler cannot stay in one place too long.  If you have any information as the the whereabouts of featherbeard, please let us know through this site.

Thank you,
site manager at featherbeard.org

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  • misskk


    I think I may know where Featherbeard is!!! >> ????

    I think I may know where Featherbeard is!!! >> ????